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Elisha & Crystal Stock

Serving in East Africa


Elisha & Crystal Stock

We have a heart to reach the unreached in East Africa. Our passion is to use aviation to take the Gospel to those who have never heard. 
The airplane is a tool we use in order to support missionaries and pastors serving in remote areas of DR Congo, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Kenya, and Uganda. Whether we fly people, medicine, Bibles, or food, our desire is to serve in order to further the Gospel.

Stocks Ministry Update

Watch a short 3:30 minute video on what we are doing in East Africa

Missionary Aviation

Here are three main areas in which aviation helps advance the Gospel


When you can't walk, drive, or take a boat, you can fly. We fly missionaries, local pastors, refugees, and church leaders. South Sudan is war-torn, and to drive across much of the country is very dangerous. We are able to provide a safe means of transportation to those advancing the Gospel.

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For anyone wanting to build a home or fix a car in these remote areas, they need supplies. We can fly these in. We also fly in food, medicines, Bibles, literacy books, and basic everyday necessities (like toilet paper). There is no running to the grocery store to grab some coffee, it has to be flown in. Missionaries often depend on the airplane to bring them many essential items in order for them to better serve the people. 

Medical Evacuations

The airplane is used at its best when it comes to medical evacuations. Some places can be reached by car, but it is either a 10-15 hour drive to the nearest hospital, or not safe to drive. When ministering in remote areas like these, missionaries can have peace of mind knowing that an airplane is just 1-2 hours away if malaria or snake bites occur. We have medical equipment we can load on board the aircraft in order to give basic medical treatment during the flight.


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